Atelier 21

21 captivating studio apartments

Exclusive living with loft character: attractive materials, generous portals and covered entrances invite you to take a closer look at these dream homes from the inside. Here, the room heights of over 3 metres are impressive; the 2.8 metre high studio windows and the living areas that merge into one another create an airy feeling with lots of light. Alcoves and accentuating wall surfaces nonetheless provide homely privacy.

Facts & Figures

Atelier 21

Ewald-Heinrich-von-Kleist-Platz 1+2
Frankfurt am Main (Riedberg)

2-room disabled-friendly apartments, 3- and 4-room apartments, 6-room maisonettes

21 units

planquadrat, Darmstadt

Approx. 60 m² bis 200 m² sqm

Ground floor + 3 upper floors