115 years! Anniversary of the Lechner Group


Bernd Lechner (right), owner and managing director of the LECHNER GROUP, had entered a joyful date in his diary on 21st January:

On the occasion of its 115th anniversary, LECHNER GROUP asked its business partners to refrain from gifts and to make a donation to the Frankfurt Orphanage Foundation instead. This request was gladly complied with by the guests and so, by rounding up LECHNER GROUP, an amount of 9,000 € could be handed over to Director Michael Müller (left) and Deputy Director Anna Dourouka for the foundation.

The foundation orphanage pursues exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent purposes and is today one of the largest independent sponsors of child and youth welfare in Frankfurt am Main. The adequate support of disadvantaged and/or needy children and young people is its special concern. For these extensive activities there is of course always a need for financial support.