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Five good reasons for buying property


Quality of life

Quality of life can be a good meal, a relaxed evening with friends or a deep conversation. However, one of the main elements is having a home where you feel comfortable. Everyone has their own definition of what makes their home a place worth li(o)ving. It is essential that your new home meets your needs and aspirations in full.


Design freedom

By owning your own property, you enjoy considerably more design freedom: be it new flooring, the kitchen or wall colours - whatever you like you can have.


Rent-free living

Although you make a monthly mortgage repayment - unlike rent, the money is not lost because the property is ultimately owned by you. You are no longer confronted with rent rises, graduated rents or terminations.


Secure investment and retirement planning

In contrast to other investment opportunities (such as shares), property is less dependent upon economic cycles. Due to its asset value, it offers a high level of investment security and is protected from rising inflation rates.


Income from letting

Regular income from a rented property can provide an additional and long-term source of income. As a result, property often generates high returns. In the best case, your tenant is financing most of the repayment of your mortgage. Rented properties can also be written off against tax.