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The purchase process

The means to an end


Contact and meet with your advisor

Are you interested in a property or do you like one of our projects? Get in contact with us. We would be happy to arrange a personal and comprehensive consultation/visit.



Have you found your dream property? Now it becomes real. For a fee, we will be happy to reserve your property for you immediately.



Often a mortgage is required for the purchase of property. To this end, your financial advisor will provide you with comprehensive advice on the various property financing options. However, please don’t forget that financing also incurs on-costs such as real estate transfer tax and notary fees. These are not usually paid for by banks, but by you.


Final meeting and notary appointment

After all questions have been discussed and clarified, an appointment with a notary is arranged. The involvement of a notary public in a property purchase is mandatory in Germany. After the notary has read the contract in the presence of the seller and buyer - and there are no further questions on your part - the purchase agreement is signed by both parties.


Payment of the purchase price

The notary public clarifies the legal requirements associated with the purchase of the property and ensures a legally secure conveyance of ownership. As soon as these conditions are met and the construction has begun, payment of the purchase price is due in instalments.


Fitting out and pre-handover inspection

Whether tiles, parquet or bathroom fittings: when you purchase your property, you have numerous choices regarding design and furnishings. A pre-handover inspection will take place around one month before completion of the building works, during which you can check whether your wishes have been implemented correctly.


Handover date

This date is for the final inspection of the property, during which a handover protocol is drawn up. This protocol is signed by both parties.

Once done, we can welcome you to your new home.