Let's go Sales launch »Shape«


Highrise in Riedberg!

What does the perfect apartment look like? Everyone has to decide for themselves. That's why the apartments at SHAPE are so different. 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-room, with garden, with balcony or with roof terrace? What they all have in common is the very special, multi-faceted floor plan. It was the architectural art of the planners to create rooms with interesting layouts and to furnish themselves excellently, even if the walls do not always meet at right angles. It worked perfectly!

Boredom never arises in nature. Every day is a new beginning. Every look opens up new perspectives. Round, organic shapes and lots of green - the SHAPE building ensemble is directly connected to the “Kätcheslachpark” and the “Römische Straße” park. Larger and smaller trees optically continue the public green space, while the open spaces and gardens lined with hornbeam hedges create protected, private spaces.

Enjoy the individuality of your unique address!